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ProjectD D1SF-(D1M) 18X9.5 5X100 ET 35

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Wheels Width : 9.5
Wheels Diameter : 18

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Lenso ProjectD D1SF-MEDIUM(D1M)

  • Lenso ProjectD D1SF-MEDIUM(D1M) is one of the attractive alloy wheels that gives your vehicle a special and unique look. This type of rims is a unique option for everyday activities.

Be the best with lenso ProjectD D1SF-MEDIUM(D1M) wheel!

  • Lenso was founded in 1990. This global brand has become one of the most popular brands of alloy wheel in the world by producing high-quality alloy wheels in various, unique and special designs. This brand has gained a lot of popularity among today’s age groups by offering special wheels in formal and semi-formal design. Today, Lenso alloy wheels has become a global brand with its success in the world of motor-vehicle.

Formula tyres suggestion

  •  If you have a vehicle and want to have a comfortable drive but with a slightly different car design at the road, we suggest you lenso ProjectD D1SF-MEDIUM(D1M). It comes in a colour which leaves you free to choose, you can match your rim colour depending on your car colour. Make your car more unique and attractive, among other cars.

Wheel Specification

SKU: 10680
Brand: Lenso
Model: ProjectD D1SF-MEDIUM "D1M"
Wheel Type: Alloy Wheels
Size: 18X9.5 5X100 35mm
Color: BKMA


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