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ProjectD 90C” 15X7 4X100 ET 33

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Wheels Width : 7
Wheels Diameter : 15

Availability: 11 in stock

Lenso ProjectD 90C” wheel

  • Lenso ProjectD 90C”  wheel  imagine a very chic style of car that you enjoy seeing. Can this style take place without a unique wheel or with a poor-quality rim? It is obvious that the wheels play the most important role in making car’s style and the atmost care should be taken in choosing it. Lenso ProjectD 90C” wheels the elegantness and shininess of this wheel can be seen at the first glance. This wheel comes in various sizes and can be suitable for almost every car.

A brand that always shines

  • Lenso is a Thai brand that has a great reputation in Asia. The range of designs that this brand has on its products is very wide. This has led its products being strongly welcomed by a wide range of people; So, it can be said that it doesn’t matter what your taste is, Lenso can be one of your first choices.

Formula wheels suggestion

  •  Are you the type of person who likes to show off your car to the crowd? Don’t doubt that once you set Lenso ProjectD 90C” on your car, you won’t stop loving it, because this alloy wheel with its airy lines has become a special wheel in design. you will be comfortable in your car for everyday car activities and will have experienced a stylish style.

Wheel Specification

SKU: 17391
Brand: Lenso
Model: ProjectD 90C"
Wheel Type: Alloy Wheels
Size: 15X7 4X100 33mm


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