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MAX-EBOLA 18X9 6X139.7 ET 0

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Made for those who are obsessed with the dusty ways. The Ebola wheels are strong. withstands wading and stand out with a unique look in rally style

Wheels Width : 9
Wheels Diameter : 18

Availability: 6 in stock

Lenso MAX-EBOLA wheel

  • Lenso MAX-EBOLA wheel  imagine a very chic style of car that you enjoy seeing. Can this style take place without a unique wheel or with a poor-quality rim? It is obvious that the wheels play the most important role in making car’s style and the atmost care should be taken in choosing it. Lenso MAX-EBOLA wheels the elegantness and shininess of this wheel can be seen at the first glance. This wheel comes in various sizes and can be suitable for almost every car.

A brand that always shines

  • Lenso is a Thai brand that has a great reputation in Asia. The range of designs that this brand has on its products is very wide. This has led its products being strongly welcomed by a wide range of people; So, it can be said that it doesn’t matter what your taste is, Lenso can be one of your first choices.

Formula wheels suggestion

  •  Are you the type of person who likes to show off your car to the crowd? Don’t doubt that once you set Lenso MAX-EBOLA on your car, you won’t stop loving it, because this alloy wheel with its airy lines has become a special wheel in design. you will be comfortable in your car for everyday car activities and will have experienced a stylish style.

Wheel Specification

SKU: 10805
Brand: Lenso
Model: MAX-EBOLA "M0E"
Wheel Type: Alloy Wheels
Size: 18X9 6X139.7 00mm


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