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KM235 Grenade Crawl Beadlock 17X9 5X127 ET -38

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Features of the KM235 GRENADE CRAWL:
-True Beadlock – 8 Spoke Mesh Design based on our popular Grenade Style -New Pocketed Beadlock ring for additional weight savings -2pc Pro Cap V3 with removable KMC logo included-Finishes: Machined and Satin Black with Machined Ring -Size Range: 17″

Wheels Width : 9
Wheels Diameter : 17

Availability: 134 in stock


  • For people who like to spend time with their vehicles in any season of the year, with a smart design, KMC KM235 GRENADE CRAWL BEADLOCK will be an attractive and convenient choice. The most important point in choosing a rim is their manufacturing quality. The higher the quality of the wheel, the less harm, reached to your vehicle. In addition, the comfort feeling you get with this alloy wheel is inexpressible with words. KMC KM235 GRENADE CRAWL BEADLOCK is one of the quality models, that has the features a person expects.

A brand suitable for the strict

  • As you know, the type and quality of the products you make are very important. A brand that you can trust with peace of mind is called “KMC WHEELS “. This brand has many supporters and loyal customer around the world and with a little research done on its history, you will find out about its quality and good customer service. With more than 20 years of experience, this brand produces and exports a wide variety of products in the field of motor-vehicle to other countries. Most of these products are produced in a unique style that is very up-to-date. KMC is well-known in the motor-vehicle industry.

Formula tyres suggestion

  • An alloy wheel that can be used in any environment and any season of the year with different colour models will undoubtedly be very popular. The amazing fact of this wheel is that it comes into two parts, one is the wheel and the other is the wheel defend-shield known as beadlock which makes it a perfect set of wheels for heavy-driving as it comes with more protection, preventing damage on the wheel.You can match SATIN BLACK colour of this wheel with all kind of car colours.

Wheel Specification

SKU: KM23579050738N
Brand: KMC Wheels
Wheel Type: Beadlock
Size: 17X9 5X127 -38mm


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