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D120 Unit Beadlock 17X9 6X139.7 ET -15

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The Fuel Unit is a stunning blend of on-road style and off-road ruggedness. The Unit features a true beadlock construction that will endure anything you can throw at it on the trail, while the wheel’s bold mesh styling will guarantee your rig stands out in a crowd. This new wheel comes in a proven 17×9 fitment, and is available in our “Black Out” finish as well as a striking Candy Red. If you’re looking to bring both exceptional style and hardcore off-road performance to your Jeep, truck, or SUV look no further than the all-new Fuel Off-Road Unit.

Wheels Width : 9
Wheels Diameter : 17

Availability: 27 in stock


  • Choosing the right wheel that can be used in different situations is very important for your vehicle. FUEL D120 UNIT BEADLOCK in addition to good quality and uniqueness, it is suitable and can be used in all seasons. Furthermore, FUEL D120 UNIT BEADLOCK comes in two parts which makes it even more impressive to the eyes of the surrounding which is the wheel and the defense shield of the wheel which most people know it as BEADLOCK.


Fuel wheels suitable for all tastes

  • Having different features in brands makes them a good option for buying. So that when people buy their products, they consider or feel various factors such as attractiveness, quality, credibility and appropriate price. The FUEL WHEELS brand has been able to provide all these features to its customers. This brand has gained a high popularity in the Middle East region; Because its designed products are close to the taste of the people of this region. This brand has gained customer satisfaction during its many years of activity by adopting a policy of high quality along with validity and reasonable prices.


Formula tyres suggestions

  • Choosing wheels that you can use in different seasons and in different situations may seem difficult and complicated to find at first; But FUEL D120 UNIT BEADLOCK solves this problem completely. This product from FUEL brand is undoubtedly the product that you can use easily in different situations and show off the good quality and design of your vehicle.

Wheel Specification

SKU: D12017908445
Brand: Fuel
Model: D120 UNIT
Wheel Type: Beadlock
Size: 17X9 6X139.7 -15mm
Origin: USA
Year: 2023


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