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D101 Zephyr Beadlock 17X9 6X135 ET -15

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Wheels Width : 9
Wheels Diameter : 17

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  • Alloy wheels have always been the focus of car-lovers in any situation. FUEL D101 ZEPHYR BEADLOCK wheel create an attractive and stunning style for your vehicle and leaves a significant impression on the viewer’s mind. FUEL brand has made the work easier for its customers by producing “FUEL D101 ZEPHYR BEADLOCK and removed the concern of doubt from the minds of its customers, Due to its durability and unique style.


Creative style with updated and modern products

  • If the creative design of a brand’s wheel is important to you in order to buy wheels and set your own vehicle style, do not miss the products of the fuel brand. The up-to-date and artistic designs of this brand have led to the creation of diverse and creative products. This brand has produced its products using high quality of material in order to satisfy customers wants.


Formula tyres suggestion

  • If you are looking for alloy wheel that can be used in all seasons and for all occasions, “FUEL D101 ZEPHYR BEADLOCK “will be an ideal choice for you. This wheel can be used for any occasion, from rocky drive  to daily road use. For rocky drive situations, we recommend you to get a set of it as its not only unique but has a additional feature which is a shield that protects your alloy wheels from getting broken or damage (resistible), pair it with your car and enjoy the feeling of being consoled.

Wheel Specification

SKU: D10117908945
Brand: Fuel
Model: D101 ZEPHYR
Wheel Type: Beadlock
Size: 17X9 6X135 -15mm


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