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Complete Tyres Services

Tyre is one of the most important part of your vehicle, the performance of your car depends on it. For safety and maintenance of your tyre you need to pay attention to their needs. Either needs a new set of tyres or just a simple tyre repair Formula Tyres provided a complete range of tyre services. Our vast range of tire and repair service in Dubai and Sharjah using modern technologies available within the industry, including computerized wheel balancing and wheel clamp tire changer.

Tyre Rotation

A proper tyre check up to a reliable tyre shop with complete mechanical tools and equipment will give you appropriate rotation pattern

Flat Tyre Repair

Our shops offer different tyre repair and a reliable team who can help you fix your tyre and get your vehicle back to its normal and safest ride again.

Tyre Fitting

When you purchase at fitting and balancing as well as nitrogen is free of charge.

For mechanical, electrical or any repairs you need, you can visit in any of our shop branches or just give us a call at Tel no. 04-3277747
Formula Tyres